“I’ve always liked to write and I’ve been lucky enough to handle some fascinating cases in my career. One of the most interesting cases was the case depicted in The Fisherman’s Son. I was trying that case in Federal Court and thought it would make a great novel, so I built a fictional story around it and started drafting The Fisherman’s Son on legal pads as soon as the trial was over.”

Joe Orlando is a litigation attorney who specializes in the representation of personal injury victims, including maritime workers. Designated a “Proctor in Admiralty” by the Maritime Law Association, Joe has represented fishermen, blue water seamen and other maritime workers for over thirty-seven years.

Born in Gloucester, Massachusetts, Joe has spent his life on Cape Ann. The son and grandson of fishermen, Joe has gained notoriety for his dedication to work on behalf of personal injury victims, being referred to as ‘Attorney for the Injured” by the New York Times.

Married to Connie for forty-one years, Joe is the father of three, Amanda, Lisa and Joe, Jr., and is the grandfather to six boys.