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At the age of ten, Sicilian John Palermo was sent by his dying papa, alone and terrified, to live with the Amico family in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Accepted by a loving family and taken in by the community, John grew to cherish and finally defend his hard-working neighbors in court against those forces that would steal their rights and their dignity.

Following the death of his beloved wife, John struggles to continue his fight for what’s right while being a single father and finding comfort in new love. He’s not only recovering from grief but also a difficult trial in which he uncovered the secrets of his nemesis. But the fight is never over as now, a badly injured fisherman and young father desperately needs defense.

Despite personal battles, John finds himself back in the courtroom, up against a malignant, high-powered force that will do anything to keep its reputation intact. He must deal with a clash of cultures between Gloucester values and a corrupt Washington DC political establishment. Does this David have enough strength to once again go toe to toe with Goliath?



“Orlando again proves to be a masterful story teller bringing the reader deeply and intimately into the lives and families of the close-knit Italian fishing community in the country’s oldest seaport – Gloucester, MA. He artfully weaves two legal battles into the story, again keeping the reader in suspense of the outcome. With several of the characters in this book appearing from its predecessors in the trilogy, its beginning seems a comfortable follow on. However, this novel takes a definite philosophical turn, displaying the author’s courage to address front and center one of most controversial Supreme Court decisions of our time by bringing a name and face to it in a most intriguing way”

Linda Charpentier