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The Bastard’s Weapon is the sequel to Orlando’s 2004 novel The Fisherman’s Son and is every bit as intriguing. This time John Palermo, the first-generation Italian American lawyer who is the protagonist of Orlando’s novels, is faced with a painful dillemma. In order to obtain justice for the widow’s and children of drowned Gloucester fishermen, he must prove his old enemy, Captain Joe Amalfi, is innocent of wrong doing as well. It is a painful choice and Palermo is well aware of the inequities in the law that have put him in this position. Additionally, he is struggling with the loss of his wife and the necessity of raising his children alone.

The Bastard’s Weapon takes the reader on an emotional roller coaster from beginning to end. Professionally, John takes on the case of his nemesis, Captain Joe Amalfi, who is found floating in a life raft alone in the icy Atlantic when his fishing boat sinks with his crew still aboard.

Amalfi’s emotional turmoil after this event is one challenge, among many, to John’s struggle to help the widows and children of the men on Amalfi’s boat, many of whom were John’s boyhood friends. As Amalfi’s condition worsens, John seeks to unravel the mystery of what happened on the boat that terrible day, sparking a gripping courtroom battle filled with surprise twists and turns and an ending that John could never have predicted.

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“In The Bastard’s Weapon, Joe wastes no time emotionally setting up the reader with the loss of Palermo’s wife, Connie. Attorney John Palermo struggles as a single father to raise the two small children he and Connie spawned as he takes on the case of his nemesis, Captain Joe Amalfi of the Mio Mondo. Amalfi, rescued from the icy Atlantic after the Mio Mondo sinks with his crew of three still aboard, hires Palermo to win his claim against the insurance company. John seeks to solve the mystery of what transpired on the Mio Mondo as well save the homes of the widows and children of the men onboard. As Amalfi’s emotional state deteriorates setting the stage for the courtroom drama, John realizes he has feelings for one of the widows he is representing.” — Ever Seen Magazine

“Orlando has written about what he knows and loves best: family values, trial lawyering, Gloucester fishermen and good Italian food. And he succeeds in making your senses tingle for each one. Not only is his latest novel an entertaining digression into the arduous and often dangerous lives of Gloucester fishermen and their families, but it offers a tantalizing invitation into the life of John Palermo, first-generation Sicilian, a fisherman’s son and a dashingly eloquent trial attorney.” — Exhibit A Magazine

“…an engaging tribute to the glory of Gloucester fishermen and the adventure of good lawyering… [Orlando] cleverly blurs the lines of good and evil to tease the reader, inevitably the good are very, very good and the evil are rotten. The fun lies in determining who is who.” — Massachusetts Lawyer’s Weekly