The Diamond Maker: An Extraordinary Love Story

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The Diamond Maker is a tale of two teens, who overcame adversity and found love.

Bart “Stutter Boy” DeMarco and “Ugly Angela” Curcuru are 16 year-olds who have suffered emotional abuse from their peers.

Bart had battled with a severe stutter that effectively silenced him. To speak was to be mocked and ridiculed. School was agony, as were the bullies who delighted in taunting “Stutter Boy”.

Angela emigrated from Sicily with her family at the age of 12. While she struggled to learn and speak English, mean girls recognized an easy target and dubbed her “Ugly Angela”. Unable to verbally defend herself, and finding no friends, she, after four years, accepted that she was indeed, “Ugly Angela”. That she was not worthy of love.

Man’s great weakness is his ego, Women, her vanity.

At a moment when Bart was at his lowest, Angela appeared to support him and elevate his spirits, and he, elevated her. Individually, they felt vulnerable, together they were strong and confident.

That was the beginning of their love story.


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“The Diamond Maker is a compelling and gripping tale of triumph over emotionally and crippling obstacles. Bart and Angela are two people mistreated by life, by joining together elevated each other and used love to triumph. I strongly reccomend this novel to those who enjoy uplifting tales. This book is a homerun or as golfers say an ace!”

Amanda Dalton

“As a fan of Orlando’s trilogy of legal thrillers, I started this book – a” love story “- somewhat skeptically but found myself engrossed in it from start to finish. Orlando develops his story by taking on a timely and ugly social topic, bullying. Again, the author proves to be an artful story teller developing complex characters, weaving multiple threads of plot and illustrating the power of determination, community, family and love with the backdrop, his beloved Gloucester Italian fishing community. The book did not disappoint.”

Linda Charpentier