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Jim Cheverus grew up in Gloucester and was a local hero as a baseball star. He fell in love with Carol but then the opportunity to play pro-ball came and Jim abandoned everything to pursue that dream. He left Gloucester and he left Carol — and the child she was carrying. But the dream never happened. Jim descended into alcoholism and regret. Thirteen years later he returns to Gloucester, a recovering alcoholic with little more than his natural charm and a lot of broken dreams. He meets the son he never knew and, slowly, as he gets to know the boy by coaching his baseball team, he begins to realize what his dream has cost the people who loved him — especially Carol.

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“The Shortstop’s Redemption is not a long book but it is told in Orlando’s familiar, fresh, down-home style. There is an innocence and charm that encounters all too rarely in novels today that works well within the context of this story. Filled with interesting characters (Carol’s father, the Chief, is one of Oralndo’s best characters to date), lots of local color, and plenty of baseball, this is a story to be savored by anyone who wants to enjoy a tale that is both old-fashioned in its telling and very, very contemporary in the issues it presents. It is the sort of story that reminds us that, despite our failures as human beings, love heals and redemption is possible if we don’t turn it away.

Fans of Joseph Orlando’s books are in for a surprise with The Shortstop’s Redemption. Orlando’s first two novels are hard-hitting legal dramas based in his own experience as an attorney fighting on behalf of the fishermen in his home town of Gloucester, Massachusetts. But in The Shortstop’s Redemption Orlando shows us a new side of himself as a writer and of the Gloucester he loves to write about.” – K. Valentine